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Plateau with cold cuts and their company!

January 13, 2011

Plateau with cold cuts and various cheese is one my favourite fingerfood!

I can keep on nibbling all night long with a nice cold glass of beer or chilled wine, as my guests did on New Year’s Eve at my place. You can put on a plateau whatever cold cut you prefer and combine it with various different stuff; mustards, dips, pickles, breadsticks, crackers and so on!

So, check out what I chose to put on my plateau that night…


  • mortadella
  • smoked turkey
  • beer sausage with parmesan crust
  • prosciutto
  • boiled frankfurt sausages
  • mustard
  • red sweet peppers dip with cheese
  • sweet and sour various pickles
  • short wholemeal breadsticks
  • long breadsticks
  • small toasts with olive and origano flavour


In fact, there are no directions! Do whatever you want! Use your imagination! However, I ‘m going to write down what I did, just for the records…

  1. Cut mortadella slices in two pieces, if it is too big and shape a cone with it
  2. Cut turkey in small strips and pin them with toothpicks
  3. Take the long breadsticks and roll over their edges prosciutto strips. Place them in a glass and put it in the centre of the plateau
  4. Place small bowls around plateau and fill them with: pickles, sauces, dips and mustards, breadsticks, crackers and toasts!
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