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TGI Friday’s Contest and CU Restart Workshop: two events that made me happy.

November 14, 2012

1. ΤGI Friday’s contest or watch Artemis trying to present it.

Conna and me. Photo by G. Detsis

Well, here is the thing: TGI Friday’s restaurants in Greece coorganised with the Greekfoodblogs community the contest “Cook your own dish”. That means that 80 greek food bloggers took part, 17 of them were chosen to be the finalists and 3 of them finally made it to have their own unique dishes to the menu of the TGI Friday’s restaurants in Athens and Thessaloniki for 2 months -and more prizes!

A very interesting contest with lots of delicious and original recipes by home cooks who love food.

The judges had difficult times making a decision.

Well, I might not be one of the winners but I had the chance to present the final stage of the contest live for almost 6 hours through a web channel along with Conna from sabor, with whom I made a perfect match!

The web tv team: Conna, G. Detsis, me

Marianna from Photo by G. Detsis

Wow! With Eleni from Photo by G. Detsis

Well, the videos are in greek of course, but I’m sure you can laugh at me anyway! 😛

That was a great experience, I had a really great time and had the chance to meet and talk to several greek food bloggers and share our common passion!

You want to have a small taste? Check the videos here and more photos here!

Conna “playing” with camera.

Wow!! Connaaa!!!

George Detsis. The man behind the scenes!

Congratulations to all and looking forward to eat the winners’ delicious food: Ermioni from the one with all the tastes, Marilou from Madame Ginger and Vicky from tastefull!

The winners! Photo by G. Detsis


2. CU Restart Workshop or Artemis is cooking for about 40 unsuspicious people.

What does a graphic designer has to do with a food scouter?

A philosopher with a tv presenter?

An industrial designer with a scientist who makes educational programmes for children?

And several other strange people with wigs, sea masks, furs and skateboards?

Don’t yell. The fur was fake. Photo by Ianthi.

Well, none.


Nevertheless, they all share the same “madness”: to do what they want, what they desire, the more they can, with any way they can, with will, persistence, good mood, liveliness and love. During these “dark” ages. Yeah.

Some of them have been successful already. Some of them keep trying and stay optimistic against all odds.

So, CU Restart Workshop invited us to get to know each other, unite our strengths, exchange ideas so as to come up with new collaborations and get inspired!

The results of the two day workshop will be presented soon to an on line book that will be accessible to everyone in order other people to get inspired too and try to see our “collapsing” world through another perspective. Or at least, get a hint of optimism.

The event took part to a colourful venue called Hub at the 20th and 21st of October and I had the chance along with Athina from sugarbuzz, Phoebs from Madame Ginger and Ianthi from cookaffair to be part of this extravagant team and be their cooks for these two days.
They all survived.

That’s good.

They seemed to enjoy our food too.

That’s even better.

It was the first time I took on making a concept for a catering -the theme of the food was “Street Food”- making and organising a team in order to get the best results, cook for the masses, for two days, for two breakfasts and two lunches, four different courses each blogger, present them and style them according to the concept of the theme “street food” and wait until they bite each “creation” and see anxiously their first reactions!


The collaboration with the other three food bloggers was just perfect! Thank you!

Chicken fajitas. By Ianthi.

Pizza a la Zagori. By Phoebs.

Cinnamon rolls. By Ianthi.

Chocolate cupcakes. By Athina.

Salty cakes with ham and cheese. By me.

Muffins with apple, cinnamon and caramel. By Ianthi.

Rice pudding with lemon. By Athina.

Greek cheese terrine with grapes. By me.

Kebabs. By Phoebs.

Chocolate cookies! By Athina.

The workshop itself was an experience that didn’t really expect -trampoline for fun and stretching, morning yoga mini sessions, writing workshop, painting, presenting yourself session, cocktail making etc, etc, etc…

And what was the best way to end all these?

A great dinner of course at the end of the second day by the inspired chefs of Gastronomic Collectiva at Nixon with dinner theme “Orange”.

Well, I have to admit this: during the game “find what does your food is made of”, we -food bloggers- gave it all, but this last ingredient of saffron hidden into a panacotta with passion fruit really confused us -and we found it when someone else from the nearest tables revealed it to us…


3. Epilogue

Two events that filled me with new experiences, knowledge, aquaintances, friends, laughter, food, drink, strength and courage for the future -and the present.

As gloomy as present may be today and for years ahead, I can’t stop thinking that every single moment of every single day is once in a lifetime, which I know I have my chance to grab it and get the most of it right now. And my “weapons” to all these that surround me are laughter, optimism and humour as much as I can.

Against all odds.

A big kiss to all.


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