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Food4Good event No2 and black eyed peas’ salad with peppers and olives

March 14, 2014


Food4Good No2 event became a reality on Saturday the 8th of March at Cheapart with 16 food bloggers cooking a non meat savory menu and a no eggs and butter sweet buffet for their guests and donating the amount raised at the Association Together for Children (see what happened at the 1st F4G here).


So much joy once again, too tired afterwards, agony for the success of the event and finally so much satisfaction that everything worked out so good!

The desserts' buffet

The desserts’ buffet

The savory buffet

The savory buffet

I’m so glad to meet in flesh people I only know on line, when old and new friends join the event and when I get to know new ones there! At this F4G event, we cooked our dishes in couples. Sο sweet Nikoletta of yummymommy and me, cooked this delicious black eyed peas’ salad with roasted red sweet peppers, olives and sesame oil dressing. And what’s more Nikoletta had the idea of serving them into dough cups -that her husband kneaded patiently the night before!

The guest bloggers to this event were:

Marion (
Nikoletta (
Foivi Geller (
Marina (
Maria (
Lefteris (
Dora/Marietta (
Christos (

And the 8 bloggers that organised it:

Eva: Funky cook
Conna: Sabor by Conna
Elena: Elena’s Cooking
Athina: Sugarbuzz
Emmanouela: Eating Around
Eleni: The Foodie Corner
Marilita: Gourmelita
…and me.



The event was supported by Haitoglou Bros SA and we would like to thank all the media that spread the news and everyone that joined us that day!



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The black soda carob bread with the seeds.

February 20, 2014

carob bread_seeds 1

I’ve seen that soda bread so long time ago and just had it on my mind.

No knead, no yeast, no rising time, quick and, here it is your bread.

carob bread_seeds 2

I adapted the original recipe to the ingredients I had in my pantry and these were a lonely package of carob flour and some seeds -flax, sunflower and sesame.

I put all these together, I added the necessary baking soda and voila!

A tasty, black, chocolate like bread but without the sweetness of it -just the unique flavour of carob flour.


Psomi_haroupalevro Collage

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Sole fish with macaroni, ginger and almonds.

February 17, 2014

Fish_sole_pasta 2

I open up my refrigerator drawer and here they are -two sole fish fillets.

I open up my pantry and a pack of short tube macaroni pasta is standing alone.

I decide to grab these two and make them one -along with ginger, garlic and almonds.

And through the progress, I witnessed a “miracle” of taste and smell; light creamy pasta with roasted almonds, garlic scented fish and ginger freshness.


Fish_sole_pasta 3

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Roasted red sauce beef patties with potatoes.

February 12, 2014

beef patties_potatoes 2

So this is it.

It’s like a stew but it’s not.

It smells sweet but it’s savoury.

Its origins are classic but it’s new.

It’s just classic beef patties over a layer of tomato covered potatoes. And all these baked. With the characteristic scent of cinnamon.

beef patties_potatoes 4

It’s been a love at first sight since I first saw this recipe at Joanna’s blog Food Junkie. And completed when I first cooked it and continued to do so often since then.

I hope you’ll try this too -with your beef patties version, it doesn’t matter. The result will be the same.

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Cooking Together: 3 bloggers+1 and a galette with pumpkin, apples, raisins. And brie.

February 3, 2014

galette 4

Cooking together is a project in progress that goes better and better.

How many people can co-exist in one kitchen? Many, if there is good mood, humor and love for cooking. This time, there have been 3 of us, all food bloggers, plus one more from the USA that was chosen without knowing it -just because we were in love with her blog and recipe which is based on this week’s ingredient -apple.

Eva, Elena, Kelsey and me.

galette 1

galette 2

galette 3

I hope that anyone who will make and enjoy this buttery, soft, full of flavor, sweet and savory, gorgeous galette will not regret it. Close your eyes and let yourself go.

Oh. And don’t be afraid of cheese. It makes all the difference here. And makes this galette unique.

galette 5

Enjoying the "fruits" of this evening

Enjoying the “fruits” of this evening

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Cooking Together: the comfort of cabbage with rice and juniper.

January 27, 2014

cabbage and rice2

How much warmth and comfort can possible a plate of food bear?

Maybe much. Too much. Because we surely felt that with Eva at this Cooking Together project. While cooking this cabbage with this rice, the creativity was high, the mood too and the lust for life higher.

So here it is.

Have a taste.

cabbage and rice3

cabbage and rice 1

Photo by mobile

Photo by mobile

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East my love. The Lebanese chicken livers.

January 21, 2014

 chicken livers 1

East always attracted me…

It may not be strange to you, I live in a country where it lingers between the eastern and the western world, with the first part running through our veins due to history mostly.

But it’s not only that: maybe it’s because of my Asian Minor grandmother, my distant greek-egyptian relatives, our journeys to Istanbul and Israel at a “sensitive” age until 20?

Maybe none of them.

chicken livers 3

But there’s one thing for sure. I’m attracted to its people, its atmosphere, its colours, its smells, its music and of course, its food -what else? The spices, the intoxicating scents, the mastering and love of food is so intense to the eastern countries for me that whenever I come across to any eastern recipe I definitely want to try it! So, the time has come to try this one, stuck in my scrapbook for so long, the time for lebanese chicken livers.

Simple, quick and delicious. Read more…

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