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Food4Good: an ongoing project and three events.

June 23, 2014

Food4Good is here to stay.

In a few days we organized three events each one supporting a different cause.

At the first one, on 13th of April, we cooked for supporting United Nation’s programme about single parent families and their support.

At the second one, on 3rd of May, we cooked for children with mental disorders, supported by Vitam.

At the third one, on 1st of June, we cooked for more than 2000 people for Surfers4life Festival.

There’s no need to tell you once more how much satisfaction we got and how great it was.

I will only tell you that this time I made small buttery tarts with savory fillings, quiche lorraine, savory cake and lentils salad with vegetables.

And if you want to check out these recipes, you’ll have to try google translate this time at my greek Wonderfoodland  version 🙂

Have a look though!

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Sweet squid with potatoes, celery roots and petimezi. Yum.

April 17, 2014

kalamarakia_patates_selinoriza 2

Seafood is a kind of food that many people are “afraid” to cook because they think is difficult or time consuming or anything.

Well, my friends, seafood is actually such a quick, healthy, tasty and easy to cook kind of food that is combined with so many other things, from pasta to vegetables and rice, besides from being served alone.

kalamarakia_patates_selinoriza 1


This time, I chose to cook squids. You can either choose to buy fresh ones -but you have to clean them if your fishmonger won’t- or get frozen ones, as I did which are a very good and of great quality too choice.

Ι grabbed a few potatoes, a couple of celery roots waiting patiently for their turn into the vegetables’ drawer of my fridge and my petimezi, which turns everything into something else. If you can’t get any, add some vinegar syrup with a pinch of sugar, or some honey, or some dark sugar alone. But give it a try and search for it.

You can use it as a syrup over ice cream, yoghurt or elsewhere and to your cooking as I do! Check out recipes here, here or at this post with this gentle squid.

Here you are! Read more…

Classic chewy, soft chocolate chip cookies. By a friend.

April 10, 2014

chocolate chip cookies 1

Well these soft, delicious, big, thin chocolate chip cookies are from the new cookbook Cookies by my friend and food blogger Athina (aka sugarbuzz).

So proud once again for her book -her second one in a row- as Athina’s blog was one of the few greek I was reading about 6-7 years ago and still do.

She is a talented pastry oriented blogger who loves food styling and photography too with amazing pictures and recipes at her blog, books (the first one was about Cupcakes) and at the rest of her collaborations.

chocolate chip cookies 3

At the greek version of my blog I give a giveaway with her second book right now, which, unfortunately is only in greek…

However, I may not give you a giveaway this time my english speaking readers, but here it is, a classic but non the less delicious recipe of her chocolate chip cookies!


Chocolate cookies Collage


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Chocolate truffles. With a hint of espresso, allspice and salt.

April 5, 2014

chocolate_truffles 1

There’s nothing left to say for this dessert.

Or I’ll say just these two things.


Next time I will cut it in big dice-size bites, just like truffles. The ones that are covered by a thin layer of fine cocoa, that melt slowly into you mouth like a nice strong mousse, without any nuts or other stuff -I really don’t like them into my truffles- and that are so addictive that you just can’t stop eating one after the other. It’s you. Or them.


This recipe was stuck into my mind for soooo long time when I first read it at Foivi Geller’s post, one of my favorite bloggers -original recipe by 101Cookbooks.

And now the time has come for it. At last.

The end.

chocolate_truffles 4

chocolate_truffles 2


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Cooking Together: comfort food or the simpliest spaghetti with an egg on top.

April 1, 2014

spaghetti_egg 2

Well, what I really love in this cooking together project, isn’t only the fact that I’m cooking with one or more friends, doing the styling of the hero plate and taking photos of it.

It’s actually the action of eating together itself. I don’t feel the same when I eat alone. Food takes another meaning. That of companionship…

…which was completely destroyed when half of the wonderful egg yolk -that was kept for the final delicious bite of mine- slipped over my fork, landed on the carpet and was devoured in seconds by one of Eva’s dogs…

spaghetti_egg 3


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